Designed with mobile in mind.

Most content management systems are designed for the Web and offer a stripped-down mobile version. Not Smartfolio. We’re made for mobile and deliver complete functionality and access to all system content. Anywhere, anytime.

No Internet connection required for operation.

Download the app and work online or off. Perfect for remote locations or places with spotty or expensive Internet connections.

Ideal for every level of content management—from simple to complex.

Many of our clients manage a huge variety and number of files. Smartfolio’s customizable data hierarchy system was designed to meet these types of challenging content management needs, but it’s great for simpler file setups, too. Plus, Smartfolio includes a favorites feature and search function to help users find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

Update alerts and easy downloads.

Smartfolio alerts you to available file updates—whenever you have Web access—and downloads are fast and simple. Your staff can rest assured that all materials are up to date, which is especially critical for safety and regulatory materials.

User feedback tools.

Collaboration and feedback improve the quality of your content. Users can add questions and comments to your files and email them directly to your content management team.


Our aggregate file analysis lets you see which assets are being used and for how long—information that can help you improve the quality of your content.

A 70-year history of tech-savvy content management.

Ken Cook Co. has been a well-respected content management resource since 1944. We have a track record as an early adopter of technology and our in-house development of Smartfolio is just the latest in a long line of advances. Count on us to meet your content management needs today and for years to come.

Customization tools.

Smartfolio can integrate your colors, your logos and your design look and feel, and it can be branded as your company’s app.